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Videos For Artists

Video is how we communicate.

Video is the best way to communicate your art project to funding bodies, philanthropists, curators, and audiences.

We have developed a tried and tested process for creating engaging and cost effective videos for grant applications, event/festival documentation, grant acquittals, and promotion.

Art Exhibition Promotional Video

Arts Grant Acquittal Video

We will guide you through every stage of the video production process.

Our team of filmmakers know how to create cost effective videos that will clearly communicate your artistic practice to funding bodies and audiences.

Artist Portrait Video

Artist Concept Video

We offer a standardised video production process with clear and cost effective pricing.

Please read or download the info pack below.


We will produce an itemised quote to your brief at no cost

Our standardised production process and pricing applies to the complete range of Videos For Artists and arts organisations.

Art Festival Documentation

Arts Funding Application Video

Arts Grant Acquittal Video

Art Event Documentation Video

Artistic Process Documentation Video

Artist Event Documentation Video

Arts Festival Documentation Video

Artist Portrait Video

Arts Organisation Promotional Video

Here are some of the artists and arts organisations we work with.

Videos For Artists is a unique service in response to a growing demand amongst artists and art organisations for functional, cost effective, and high quality videos.

‘In our experience, applications that have strong video support materials stand out, and are more favourably received by assessment panels
— Selena Bateman, Client Manager, Auspiscious Arts

We are highly experienced and award winning filmmakers with a desire to support artists and arts organisations.

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Creative Director. Producer. Scriptwriter

Lee is an experienced Filmmaker, Producer, & Scriptwriter both in Australia and in the UK. Lee looks after creative development and production management. Lee is also Creative Director of Little Projector Company (Projector Bike). This work involves large format projection, mobile projection technology, and immersive narratives. 


Cinematographer. Director. Editor

Ivan Masic is an audio-visual artist and filmmaker, whose work spans a wide range of creative projects, including music videos, short-form documentaries, audio-visual installations & a/v performances that incorporate live music and audio reactive projections. The primary focus of Ivan’s work is in creating an authentic audio-visual vocabulary that seeks to inform, challenge and inspire, whilst broadening our understanding and experience of conceptual ideas.

We are always up for a chat with artists and arts organisations so contact us now, make a new inquiry, or download the Videos For Artists info pack.