Light Works Studios


Customer Service and Privacy Policy

Lightworks Productions Pty Ltd strives to provide the best customer experience possible when creating video content for our clients. We aim to provide the highest possible standards of video production and procedures. Our customers’ needs are our primary concern and as a company we aim to achieve the best levels of customer satisfaction.

Customer Interaction

Normal office hours for contact purposes are Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm. Out of hours contact is possible via email if the issue is urgent. If the issue needs rectifying immediately Lightworks Productions Pty Ltd will contact the customer back either by email or by telephone. All communications between customers and Lightworks Productions Pty Ltd is strictly confidential and we will never share any personal or company information to any third parties unless specific permission is given.

Services offered

All services offered to customers will be strictly detailed at the time of providing project brief documentation to the customer Lightworks Productions Pty Ltd will strive to offer any and all services related to video production to customers in-house. If the service cannot be provided then Lightworks Productions Pty Ltd will source the appropriate services externally but only with permission from the customer.

Quality control

Lightworks Productions Pty Ltd carries out video production services to the highest possible standard. All materials are created to the very latest broadcast and distribution specifications.

All equipment is maintained professionally and insured and kept up to date with the latest software drivers and latest updates installed.

Every project is allocated a minimum of 1 round of feedback within which any minor changes can be made to content created as included as part of the original quotation price for each specific project. Major changes however may be subject to additional charges. Please see our general terms and conditions.